CRAVE Expo’s Client Testimonials 2014

“Crave Expo was the best thing I've ever done for my company. The amount of exposure I got and the freedom to work the bar anyway I wanted was unparalleled by any other event I've ever done. Crave was run really well, exceeding my expectations, and was a ton of fun too! A thousand times yes, we would like to participate on their next show!”

Mr. Bartender

“We had a great experience at Crave. It was our first time and it was very positive. We would be interested in the next show.”

Palos Verdes Catering

“ It helped us introduce and establish our brand to the right group of people who will be needing our services. The expo also confirmed that the Filipino-French fusion is fresh and exciting to our target clientele. We would definitely love to be invited on the 2nd Crave Expo, you guys did a great work! Kudos to Crave team!"

Corazon’s Custom Catering

“As a local chocolatier and dessert stylist, Crave Expo has been by far the best investment of my time and efforts. It provides an unsurpassed platform to showcase both my talents in crafting artisanal sweet treats, but also my design aesthetic in styling a complete dessert table to high quality, well-connected industry professionals. The event is a dream come true to an emerging confectionery and bakery business such as mine, as it cultivates an environment fertile for networking, and initiating partnerships with some of the best of the best in the catering, culinary arts, as well as wedding and event planning worlds. In sum, Crave Expo has set the mark in my book! As a result, I am strongly considering exclusively reserving my participation in wedding expo events to those that are only Crave sponsored. I simply don't want to do any other show but Crave!”


“I don’t know how you brought all those potential clients, but I’m glad you did and hope to have the same results for future events. The Guests that you brought in were high quality and exactly the type of planners/clients you described. We were very surprised because usually this is what we are told but not the actual outcome at other showcasing events. We have to do two proposals from just clients that we met at the event! So Kudos on the marketing part! We would love to be at the second show, yes!”

Lawry’s Catering

“Very impressed! One of the best expos I’ve been to, honestly.”

Eclectic Digital Media

“It was truly an excellent experience. You definitely exceeded my expectations and delivered on all of your promises. It was a great way for us to get out of the restaurant and show the community that we are more than just a restaurant. I am excited to attend the sophomore Crave Expo, please include Maggiano’s on your invite list!”

Maggiano’s Little Italy

“Crave Expo had such a great vibe and environment. The entire event was filled with smiles, laughter, and fantastic energy. The food and beverages were delicious, and we hope to work together again at your next event!”

Lux Lounge EFR

“We had a great time at the event and would love to attend the next one. The networking exceeded our expectations, the invited guests were all potential customers, and the venue size was perfect – very comfortable and not overwhelming!”

Open Sesame

“This was the perfect atmosphere for those who have a love for making food and serving others. Being a small business with limited funds for marketing it was nice to be able to capture a large audience looking specifically for what you have to offer in one place. This event has been a game changer for Sugar & Spyked we are forever grateful.”

Sugar n Spyked

“It was very organized event. Can’t wait, wait to go back and meet new vendors and people. We loved the opportunity and we loved the partners of Crave Expo! We could only imagine what the second year will bring and would love to come back!”

Bling it on Candy!

“The Crave Expo was simply amazing, as a Chef I've had many opportunities to work at similar events passing out samples of my food. What made this different was that I was passing out food to people that could actually help my business become more successful and since the event I've connected with so many event planners and marketing experts. There was so much video being shot and people were asking me a million questions. It was exciting and a great learning experience to be approached by so many event planners, marketing teams, bloggers, food websites etc. And it was great to share the space with so many amazing Chefs. I want to be a part of Crave Expo forever!”

Chef Kevin Warren

“The crave expo was a huge success, both in terms of networking opportunities and providing the ability to showcase our products. We were able to spread the word on our innovative approach to catering to both peers in the industry, as well as hundreds of potential clients. We will be back for more!”

Ice Cream Lab